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Parvin's Hopeland Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care Center

Owner - Director - Psychologist Dr. Parvin Soleimani

Staff Approaches to Delivering Curriculum

Parvin’s school has qualified, educated, loving, and caring staff to work with children. Through individualized attention they help children to develop the physical, intellectual, emotional and social well being which leads to academic achievement. They understand that positive interaction among staff and children is essential in their job. Staff encourages children to work independently while being aware of the individual differences in their classrooms.

What makes our staff unique?
• The Staff focus on children’s safety as their number one concern.
• The Staff work well together as a team.
• The same staff have been with Parvin’s School for years. They are the highlight of the program. Staff turnover has not been problematic in the school.
• The staff treat children of all races, religions, creed or national origin equally.
• The staff understand and respect the importance of different cultural heritage.
• The Staff use appropriate curriculum.
• The Staff understand that play is a great part of learning in Early Childhood Education. Children learn socialization skills during play time. Therefore, children need to be in a pleasant, relaxed, comfortable and happy environment in order to achieve that goal. The Staff know that classrooms must be filled with children’s laughter, and they cannot use harsh voice with children.
• The Staff are genuinely willing to work hard to improve education and the care provided in our center.
• The Staff absolutely never use corporal punishment or humiliating or frightening techniques as a form of discipline.
• The Staff use positive discipline techniques, such praising, limit-setting, talking, modeling to help children resolve their differences and conflicts.
• The Staff encourage cooperative behavior among children.
• The Staff interact with children effectively and in a positive manner from opening the school to closing the school.
• The Staff respect all children and their needs based on their age and the specific needs of that age,
• The Staff are aware of the importance of language development in Early Childhood Education. Therefore, they converse frequently with children. The Staff ask open-ended questions and allow children to express their needs and their feelings.
• The Staff is encouraged to attend workshops and seminars in their field.
• The Staff have access to professional resources for networking to gain more knowledge in their field.
• There is a clear relationship between the center’s curriculum and the quality of the program
• Applying a good curriculum requires having highly qualified teachers. We have highly educated, warm, loving, dedicated, and motivated teachers.
• The philosophy at the heart of our curriculum is to help children grow physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and academically based on their developmental stages and individual abilities.
• We understand how individual ability and maturity together create an age-appropriate curriculum. What is appropriate for five years old is not appropriate for a two years old.


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