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Parvin's Hopeland Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care Center

Owner - Director - Psychologist Dr. Parvin Soleimani


From: Susan and Terry Dermody

         I want to thank Parvin for providing my husband and me with a wonderful and caring environment for our two boys.  Our first son, John, was one of Parvin’s first students and as every parent knows it is hard to imagine that any one could care for their child as well as they but Parvin became an important part of our family experience.   John thrived in Parvin’s home and then in her school. So when our second son, Tom, was born he too looked forward to going to Parvin’s Hopeland Preschool.  Having Parvin being part of the boys’ early life experiences started them on a path of learning by which they have pursed to become professionals as well  as caring parents.  Graduation


Our whole family has fond memories of our days at Parvin’s Hopeland Preschool.



Susan and Terry Dermody

Retired Attorney and Dental Hygienist



Cynthia Flannery
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jim Goodrich, PhD

“We were among the first parents to bring our children to Parvin’s Hopeland Preschool. Our daughter was our first child. I was a family therapist and my husband a university professor. We searched far and wide for a safe and nurturing environment. What we found was beyond our hopes—Parvin had a doctorate in psychology and brought her knowledge and wisdom to her work each and every day. That was 30 years ago! Since then, our daughter and son have graduated from challenging university programs and now have work that they love. Parvin gave them the best start possible. Who could ask for more?”


I am proud to say that I am among the members of the first graduating class of Parvin's Hopeland Preschool. Attending Parvin's was so much more than attending preschool. We were a part of Parvin's family- she loved us like one of her own and we felt that love every day. I made my very best friends Kimberly and Meta while at Parvin's. The three of us have since grown up into lovely, successful women and remain very close friends. To this day, I will never forget Parvin's words: "You are beautiful and strong, Jessica. You can do anything you want in your life." I'm not sure how many people actually remember their years in preschool, but I remember the guidance, love, and education we received every day from Parvin. I have since graduated college with a Bachelors in Psychology and Spanish and now have my MBA and work for a very successful national non-profit organization in Southern California. I love you Parvin!


 Mom and JakeJess and Parvin

To Drs. Soleimani and teachers, parents, and studentsgraci

The Biagini family would like to extend gratitude to Ms. Parvin and all the teachers, Ms. Fatima, Ms. Ileana, Ms. Anita, Ms. Nanette, Ms. Elisabeth, Ms. Cecilia, and Ms. Becca for your abundance of love, patience, knowledge, and friendship. The last three years have been an amazing journey. From diapers to the Pomp and Circumstance (graduation march), we have many wonderful memories to last a lifetime. What a beautiful group of women you are. Every successful adult can look back and give credit to a teacher or two, and Graci already has nine. Woohoo! Mr. Mansoor, your kind and helpful presence has captivated my daughter. You are Graci's "Bob the Builder." May God continue to bless you all as you have been a blessing to us.

Thanks to all the parents for choosing Parvin's for your children. It has been a privilege for Mike, Graci, and me to meet so many wonderful families. We cherish our new friendships and look forward to making more memories with you.

I believe these precious little people have been the best start of their academic careers. Dr. Parvin and Dr. Mansoor have provided our children with a safe, loving, and fun environment which promotes positive social development. Our graduates are transitions to the BIG BOYS AND GIRLS campus with a level of maturity and confidence that will lead to success. While interacting with these children I can only imagine the positive impact each of them will have in the world as adults. Our children are amazing and WILL do amazing things in life. Sooooo put your adventure hat on, hold on loosely (but don't let go), and enjoy every moment of this exciting journey. Yee Haa!

With many many many tears of appreciation and joy,

Stephanie Biagini