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Parvin's Hopeland Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care Center

Owner - Director - Psychologist Dr. Parvin Soleimani


Since the school’s founding nearly thirty years ago, I, Dr. Parvin Soleimani, have striven to provide a high quality program for young children. It was my vision that children be surrounded with a rich environment that meets the highest standards in Early Childhood Education.
Our curriculum is tailored to the needs and abilities of each child. The key to our success has always been to provide an age appropriate curriculum.

In our school we provide four different programs as follows:
1. CLASS I, Preschool age group, Two to three years old.
2. CLASS II, Pre- Kindergarten group, four to four and a half years old.
3. KINDERGARTEN group, five years old.
Before and after School Child care group, five to twelve years old

While some of the curriculum components are identical for all four groups, there are some specific criteria that apply to each group based on their age and abilities.
Our curriculum consists of:

Language, early literacy, math, science, art, music, drama, social studies, health, safety, creative expression, and multicultural education.
Our extracurricular activities are:

• Learning Spanish as a foreign language.
• Gymnastic class for age two to five.
• Computer classes
• Field trips

We believe that our curriculum provides a balance of activities:

• Child centered – teacher centered
• Structured / unstructured
• Active / quiet
• Informative/ creative
• Observing / Participating
• Individual / group

Multicultural Education

Our cultural is a culture of diversity. The first experience of a young child with regards to multiculturalism takes place in an early childhood education program. Quality childcare is one that makes this experience a positive one, where they provide curriculum that reflects different cultures.
Children have no sense of prejudice, unless adults plant the seeds of bias in them. It is our great responsibility to teach children to love one another regardless of their differences in skin color, physical features, or apperance. In our school, we celebrate multiculturalism.

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