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Parvin's Hopeland Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care Center

Owner - Director - Psychologist Dr. Parvin Soleimani

Discipline Policy

We use a positive discipline method in our school. Discipline is a tool to teach children, and not a punishment. We offer a safe, warm and friendly environment where children and youth are treated with respect. In return they are expected to treat the staff and each other with respect. Children are praised when they do well with positive reinforcement. However, children learn through trial and error. They will never be humiliated when they make mistakes. The staff will discuss the mistake, talk about it in the classroom and empower children with the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.
Time out is used for older children to allow them to think about their mistakes, apologize, and learn from it. The books say a minute per year is all the child needs. Time out is never carried out through isolation. It is always in the presence of the teacher inside of the classroom, the multipurpose room, the cafeteria, and in the playground.

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