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Parvin's Hopeland Preschool, Kindergarten and Child Care Center

Owner - Director - Psychologist Dr. Parvin Soleimani

Nutrition Policy

We consider good nutrition to be very important, therefore, we serve a well balanced meal and snacks to our children. A healthy body and a good mind are not exclusive. Our snack/meal meets the child’s nutritional requirements as recommended by the Child and Adult Care Food Program of the USDA.

Snack and meals time practices:
• We comply with legal requirements for preparation and storage of food in our school.
• Parents receive written nutrition policies upon enrollment.
• The staff sits and eats with children at snack and meal time.
• Memos are posted for parent to see.
• Children and staff always wash their hands before snacks and meals.
• We respect the families’ cultural preferences. For example, if a child is vegetarian, we will substitute meat with other nutritious items to meet the child’s needs.
• If children are allergic to any items, their names and the items they are allergic to are written and posted where the snacks and meals are prepared. Therefore, the children are closely monitored by not serving the items they are allergic to.


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